2017 RESULTS....

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2017 NEHGA Miracle Hill Hickory Tournament Results
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2017 Omaha River City Hickory Championship
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2017 Omaha Interclub Championship
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2017 NEHGA
Nebraska State Championship Results
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National Hickory Day
Elmwood Park Golf Course

Mark Patterson, Chris Kennedy 64

Randy Jensen, Sean Cawley 69

Bob O'Connor, Barry Smith 70
Pete Hanley, Craig Christenson 70

Kevin Cawley, Aldo Tesi 71
Griff Evans, Tom Dobleman 71
Dale Hallock, Jack McDonnell 71

Scott Nechkash, Mark Kurmel 72
Dave Brown, Leigh Officer 72

Tony Tubrick, Mike Tiehen 73
Bob Novacek, Tom Mruz 73

James Mailhot, Roger Sherman 77
David Dunigan, Tom Smejkal 77

Terry Pitts, Mark Falloon 81

Fred Cormaci, Barb Fulbright 96

Let's Get Started Event Results


Jensen/Hallock 62

Cawley/Tesi 66
O'Connor/Smith 66
Krebsbach/Mailhot 66

Nowaceyk/Blake 67

Nechkash/Kurmel 70

Dorsey/Blank 71
Tiehen/Crombie 71

Dunnigan/Powers 74
Luster/Baylor 74

Jensen/Rennick 77

Dress/Smejkal 81


Butcher/Juarez 37
Killips/Murphy 37
Pitts/Falloon no card


Nebraska Stories:
New Fans for Old Golf

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to view the 8-minute video produced by net - Nebraska's PBS and NPR Station. Meet golfers who've tossed their modern clubs out for a set antique irons and woods made from hickory and hand-forged steel. Hickory Golf is experiencing a resurgence and Omaha is leading the way.


2017 Desert Hickory Classic Results
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2016 RESULTS....
2016 Johnny Goodman River City Hickory Championship Results

2016 Interclub Championship Results - September 28th
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7th Annual Hickory Club Championship - October 2nd, 2016
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(2016 Merion Hickory Golf Event - August 6th & 7th
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2016 NEHGA State Hickory Championship at Dismal River Results. Click image to view full size page...

National Hickory Day:
Elmwood Golf Course 100th Year
Anniversary Hickory Tournament
May 1, 2016

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Sara Bay Country Club, Sarasota – May 1st National Hickory Day Event
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