NEHGA Board of Directors  

Dr. Kevin Cawley
Board President

  • Radiologist at Methodist Hospital
  • Member of Happy Hollow Country Club
  • Have been a Hickory Golfer since 2009
  • Modern Handicap 7.4
  • Hickory Handicap 10.8
  • Play both Replica and Vintage clubs

Golfing Hero's:
Francis Ouiment (father of amateur golf)
Walter Hagen (father of professional golf)
Johnny Goodman ( Omaha amateur who beat Bobby Jones)

Favorite Golf Story:

Through the efforts of Walter Hagan, Private Clubs opened their doors and finally welcomed Professional golfers to use their facilities. To remember the occasion, Walter?Äôs fellow Pro?Äôs gave him a GRANDFATHER CLOCK which he left at Inverness with the following inscription:

"God measures men by what they are
not by what they in wealth possess
This vibrant message chimes afar
the Voice of Inverness"
Thank you Walter Hagen

I play Hickory Golf to enjoy the fellowship that it generates among like-minded golfers. It allows one to focus on the game rather than the scorecard. In the end, it makes you a better golfer with a greater appreciation for the rich golfing history that we enjoy!

David C. Nelson
Board Secretary

University of Nebraska Kearney ?Äì Bachelor of Science Business Administration, 1985
Creighton University School of Law ?Äì Juris Doctor Magna Cum Laude, 1988

Attorney and Shareholder at Gross & Welch P.C., L.L.O., Omaha, Nebraska
Practice Areas: Corporate Law, Business Transactions, Real Estate Law, Contracts, Secured Transactions and Construction Law

In my bag:
George Carlin Driver (UK made)
H. Sinclair ?Äì Macrihanish Spoon
Tom Stewart Irons (usually a Mashie Iron, Mongrel Mashie, Mashie, Spade Mashie, Mashie Niblick and Niblick)
Tom Stewart Putter

Favorite Golf Book: Fifty Years of American Golf. Martin, H.B. New York: Argosy-Antiquarian LTD., 1936.
Favorite Golf Movie: The Legend of Bagger Vance. DreamWorks Pictures, 2000.

Favorite Golfer: Francis Ouimet

My Vote for Best Golfer of All Time: Bobby Jones

Favorite Golf Story:
My first round of hickory golf was at Sand Hills Golf Club in 2007. The friends I made, the links style course and the hickory clubs loaned to me by Randy Jensen hooked me on hickory golf.

Why I Play Hickory Golf:
I play hickory golf because I enjoy the comradery it establishes among like-minded golfers, the sound of the hickory shaft and wooden club head and the thrill of the occasional dead straight shot and the rare birdie.

David E. Brown
Native of Wauwatosa WI
(See Dave Brown's WITB)

Graduate of University of Wisconsin (1975) and Medical College of Wisconsin (1979).
Orthopedic surgeon, US Navy 1979-1988.
Orthopedic Surgeon, Omaha NE, Orthowest PC

Member, Happy Hollow Club, Omaha, Panmure Golf Club, Carnoustie Scotland

  • Former champion of Iowa Hickory Classic and Heart of America Hickory Open
  • Numerous Senior championships.
  • Too many second place finishes

Current President of Society of Hickory Golfers

Captain, SOHG International Hickory Cup Team 2014.

President, McIntyre Golf Company, the world's leading producer of period appropriate golf balls including 1890's gutta percha and 1920's mesh and small dimple balls.

Favorite Golfers: Bobby Jones and Harry Vardon

Favorite tournaments:
Belvedere Hickory Open (MI), National Hickory Championship (gutta percha)

Hickory Bucket list: To play hickories at every course where Bob Jones won a major championship.

Randy Jensen

Graduated with honors from Creighton University in 1977.

Former member of MENSA.

Owned and operated Classic Golf at 4617 Dodge St., Omaha NE, USA for 25 years.

During that time Randy established himself as one of the worlds leading authorities on antique golf clubs, golf memorabilia, and their values.

Randy also found time to win: eight National Hickory Championships,
two Scottish Hickory Championships,
seven Golf Collectors Society World Championships,
two Canadian Hickory Golf Championships,
and 19 Heart-of-America Hickory Golf Championships.
These tournaments are played with antique wood shaft golf clubs that are 100 years old.

Randy has been famously referred to in print as "The Tiger Woods of Hickory Golf."

Randy is a published author with his classic book "Playing Hickory Golf."

Randy was a founding member of the Society of Hickory Golfers which now oversees Hickory Golf Championships in the USA, Scotland, England, Sweden, Germany, France, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Australia, and Japan---just to name a few!

Randy holds the world record for the most holes of hickory golf played in one day: 409 holes of golf!

Rudy Thomas

Rudy has been in the investment management business for almost 45 years. During that time he has served as President of three multi-billion dollar investment companies. The largest was a joint-venture with American Airlines in which he was instrumental in creating a mutual fund complex. He also was a principal in an economic research firm founded by Dr. Art Laffer. Currently, Rudy is the President of Fairway Asset Management, an investment management firm in Omaha.

Rudy played his college golf at Hastings College. In 2011, Kevin Cawley and Dave Brown got him interested in playing with the hickory clubs. He has been ?Äúhooked?Äù ever since. In addition to Happy Hollow CC in Omaha, Rudy is a member of Cypress Lake CC in Ft. Myers, Fla. In the fall of 2016, he had the first hole-in-one at Cypress Lake using a hickory-shaft club.

Rudy has two rather unique sets of hickory-shafted irons. One set was previously owned by President Kennedy and has his name on the clubs. The other set is the Tom Stewart ?Äúsignature set?Äù. It is one of the more sought after collector sets. Rudy still plays with both of these set of irons.

Tony Tubrick

Board Member - NEHGA
Born 24 Aug, 1954
Raised in Omaha Ne
Graduated Creighton Prep 1972
Military - US Army Aviation
Retired Qwest Communications
Experienced golf clubfitter & repair
(modern, vintage, hickory)
Previous golf experience: Classic Golf, Pro Golf Discount, 2nd Swing Golf,
currently employed at Golf USA, Omaha, Ne

My golf experience ranges over the last 25 years of my adult life. I have probably enjoyed the relationships and the experience of working on
clubs more than the actual playing of the game itself. If I were to make a guess as to my handicap I would say somewhere between 12 and 20 in
any given week which is a generous estimate considering the frequency of my play. Like a NASCAR engine builder or crew chief, my joy is not
derived from driving the car but rather seeing it do well in the hands of the driver. Yes, I can hold my own when needed with a little practice. I
get the most satisfaction when someone is happy with my work.
I have a fondness for Walter Hagen clubs. I appreciate any product that is well made or unique, regardless of origin. The game of golf is something I have come to admire, appreciate, respect. I cannot recite the intimate details of its history or travel the world to the far reaches of the games origins. I do hold dearly the friendships that it fosters, the lifes lessons that it teaches, the challenges it presents and most of all the opportunity to feel the game now just as it was a century ago.

My bag is made up of mostly Hagens although I also currently am using clubs made by Burke, H&B, Kroyden and Spalding. I enjoy restoring
the clubs I use to playable condition, putting them into play and trading them out for others that I want to try. I rarely have the same set from one year to the next, which I consider part of the fun. The majority of my play set is made up of vintage hickory shafted clubs although I do like playing clubs from that same era that may have originally had steel shafts that I have retrofitted with hickory shafts.

As Walter Hagen once said, "I never wanted to be a millionaire,...I only wanted to live like one..." He also said something like, "Don't forget to stop and smell the roses..." I have wanted either. Maybe someday. Until then, I do not regret what the game of golf has given me: many
wonderful friends.

Hap Pocras

Anesthesiologist in Omaha, Nebraska.

Played hickory golf since 2011.

2015: Happy Hollow Hickory Champ
2014: Happy Hollow Hickory Champ
2010: Happy Hollow Mens's Club Champ

2000-2006: Multiple Club Championships @ former Highland Country Club. Omaha, NE

1986-'88: Men's Golf Team. University of Miami, Florida.

1986: Nebraska State High School Individual Champ
1985: Nebraska Junior State Champ
1984: Nebraska Junior State Champ

Favorite Golf Book: Extraordinary Golf. By: Fred Shoemaker

Best Personal Golf Story: Once assisted an unconscious patron at the 2014 Masters Tournament on the 71st Hole. Mere yards from the putting surface. Gentleman was having a grand mal seizure. He did fine.

Fun Feat: Aced #7 @ Pebble Beach. February 2, 1985. It was the Monday morning after the FINAL Bing Crosby Pro-Am played.. We were first group off that day.

WITB: All but SW are "vintage". Tom Stewart irons and a Condie Driving Iron that must be from 1900-1910 as it is grooveless. Still looking for a driver.

Brian Frevert

  • Member at Champions Run
  • Started playing Hickory Golf 2013
  • Most trusted Hickory club ?Äì Tom Stewart Benny
  • Favorite course ?Äì Sand Hills Golf Club
  • Book ?Äì The Match by Mark Frost
  • Witnessed the first modern hickory hole in one at Champions Run August 2015
  • Enjoy introducing the hickory game will fellow golfers

Gregg Dress

12703 Augusta Avenue, Omaha, 68144
H. (402) 691-8439
C. (402) 315-0697

Owner: 'Classic Golf, LLC'
Founder/Director: 'Vintage Hickory Golf, LLC'
Founder/Director/Chairman: 'Golf Central Unlimited, LLC'
Founder/President: 'gdress enterprises, LLC'
President: BTO
Past-President: Heartland Philharmonic Orchestra Board

I played my first round of 'Hickory Golf' in the mid to late 1990's. I purchased the set of loaner clubs I had used immediately upon completion of that round and I have never returned to 'modern' equipment. (I had been carrying my grandfather's Wright & Ditson smooth-faced mashie in my bag of 'moderns', for occasional use, prior to that time.)

As is the case with most - if not all - 'Hickory devotees', I sought (and am seeking) to up-grade my equipment. In my case, the historical aspect of the game is of great concern - so I try to limit any permanent acquisitions to original equipment, where possible (club heads and shafts manufactured prior to 1930 - the earlier the better).

As I pay homage to my father and grandfather, I play primarily Wright & Ditson clubs - though I am not averse to including other manufacturer's offerings in my bag. For instance, this season I will be using a Robert Forgan putter and I have had a Tom Stewart niblick and push iron in my bag for years. As a traditionalist, I guess, I opt for the replica mesh balls when the situation seems fitting (nearly always!). The use of an out-of-the-ordinary ball can be a great conversation starter and can lead someone into trying the 'Hickory Game', as well.

If you have played with me - or observed my game - you know that I am more about the 'fun and enjoyment' of the golfing experience than I am about 'drawing blood'. Though, make no mistake, I am - like you - always wanting the extra yards and fewer strokes!

Mike Tiehen
NEHGA Web and Media

  • Claim to Fame: Was the 12-13 yr. old Champion at Fontenelle Hills in Bellevue, after a 3-hole sudden death playoff.
  • Self-employed: Visual Engineering/TKO Design since 1979
  • Play golf with hickory and modern clubs
  • Favorite golf book: "The Nine Tenths Rule" by Stephen E. Mitchell (I bought an A. Patrick "The Robbie" putter from the writer.

I enjoy our weekly skins games at various local clubs. My wife and I usually golf once a week and make it into a picnic/golf outing. We travel to Arizona several times a year to golf and warm up!
My three sons and I playing Pearl CC in Hawaii.


At Arbor Links with my Life Caddy, Mary...

Dale Hallock
  • Born Ord, NE 1949
  • 1967 Graduate of Kearney High School
  • 1972 Graduate of the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Architecture degree
  • Chairman of the Board, DLR Group Architecture & Engineering
  • Member of Happy Hollow Country Club
  • Member of Dismal River Sand Hills golf club
  • Member of the Society of Hickory Golfers

I was raised on a farm in central Nebraska and learned of the game of golf after school one evening at the age of 10. I rushed home and convinced my mother to buy me a kids' driver at the local sporting goods store in Ord NE. I would play an entire round of golf on the 9-hole sand greens in Ord with my driver until my aunt felt sorry for me and loaned me her clubs. I eventually saved enough "Green Stamps" to purchase my own clubs. I have loved the game of golf ever since the day I received my first club and was fortunate to be introduced to Hickory Golf by my good friend Dr. Kevin Cawley four years ago. I enjoy the history of the game and the excitement of reliving the days of our golf forefathers. Today I play with a complete set of Walter Hagen custombuilt head clubs. My favorite golf book is "The Match". I look forward to sharing many future rounds of hickory golf with family and friends.


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