Sara Bay Country Club, Sarasota – May 1st National Hickory Day

Report from NEHGA Member David Dunigan
May 9, 2016

Florida Hickory Golfers Results:

Just a perfect day for golf at one of Florida’s hidden gems. The greens as usual proved most difficult and challenging as three putts mounted for each foursome. Guest Matt Dodds from The Vermont Hickory Association commented that he judges Donald Ross courses by the number of times he goes back and forth across the greens. He said this was an especially Ross day.


Tom McCrary 78
Scott McAlister 80
Bryan Bruce 82
Bill Geisler 82
Richard Bullock 83
Mike Stevens 84
Dave Dunigan 85
Mike Hobson 88
Mike Tracy 89
Rich Grula 92
Earl Hines 95
Steve Haigler 98
Matt Dodds 98
Shawn Pierson 99
Scott Bowles 102
Steve Collins 102
Kirby Wilson 104
Bob Boss 106
Rosemary Pabst 110

Low Gross
Tom McCrary 78, $20

Low Net
Mike Hobson 67, $15

Low Team
McCrary/Hobson 9, $40

Boss/Dunigan 5, $20